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Tim Simms

Hello, I'm Tim Simms

Software Developer with a speciality in Full Stack Web Developer, with a love of working with new technologies and a passion for learning.

About Me With 20 months of intensive study and hands-on experience in computer science and web development, I am excited to bring my skills to a Full-Stack or Backend web developer role. My recent graduation from Holberton School Tulsa, a peer and project-based learning program, has honed my proficiency in technologies such as C, Rust, Python, MySQL, JavaScript, React, jQuery, Bootstrap, SASS, SQLAlchemy, and Git. I have a passion for both backend and full-stack development, and my experience as a "Student Tutor" at Holberton has allowed me to help other students navigate their curriculum and overcome challenges. I am eager to apply my skills in a dynamic work environment and continue learning and expanding my abilities.

Get to know me!

Hey! It's Tim Simms and I'm a Full Stack Web Developer located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I'm comfortable working with teams and on my own both in office or remote environments.

I love exploring new technologies and developing software solutions and am passionate about learning. contact me here.


My Skills


Projects A small selection of projects I've worked on recently.

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Holberton IOS

a web-based solution created to address the limitations of the current desktop application used at CymSTAR, LLC for their CymHOST system. The desktop application restricted instructors to a dedicated desktop environment, hindering seamless integration with the CymHOST app. Our goal was to enable without compromising speed and quality, providing a flexible, accessible, and seamless integration with CymSTAR's CymHOST application. The Backend is written in Rust and the Frontend is in React. Technologies used: Rust, C, React, JavaScript, CSS, SQLite, NodeJS, Git, RedMine.

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AirBnB Clone

A recreation of AirBnB with a command line interpreter, a web framework, and a database.
Technologies used: Python, MySQL, SQLAlchemy, Flask, Jinja2, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap.

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Let's Paint Outside

Created a database containing all episodes of The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross, an API to access the data, and a Frontend that authenticated users and them search for episodes by subject matter.
Technologies used: Python, SQLite, Pandas, FastAPI, HTML, CSS, Javascript, mongoose, passport, bcrypt, ejs.

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A fun game where the user must catch cherries and avoid the angry bees. A team project where we were challenged to create a project using a new technology in 5 days.

Technologies used: Python, Pygame.

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Contact Send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!