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Tim Simms

Holberton AirBnB

Multi-stage project to make a clone of AirBnB, spread out the course of our second trimester at Holberton School. Some stages completed as a team project and others as a solo project.

Project Overview

The project involved building an AirBnB clone web application in multiple stages, with some stages completed as a solo project and others as a team project. The first stage involved writing a command interpreter to manage objects related to the AirBnB platform. The classes (BaseModel, User, State, City, Place) that inherited from the BaseModel and the file storage engine were then created. Next, the front end was developed using HTML and CSS to create static pages with a style guide and fake content. After that, the project incorporated SQLAlchemy and MySQL for database management and Flask for project setup. Finally, all the components were brought together to build a dynamic web front end that connected to the MySQL backend.

Tools Used