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Tim Simms

Holbertion Instructor Operator Staiton (IOS)

A Rust-based web application enabling instructors to seamlessly control and monitor flight simulations. This program connects to shared memory, providing access to read and modify variables within CymSTAR's CymHOST application. Utilizing dual WebSocket connections, instructors can efficiently view or alter variables while simultaneously observing the simulation's status and the aircraft's current state.

Project Overview

A web-based solution created to address the limitations of the current desktop application used at CymSTAR, LLC for their CymHOST system. The desktop application restricted instructors to a dedicated desktop environment, hindering seamless integration with the CymHOST app. Our goal was to enable instructors to efficiently operate simulations across various devices, such as laptops and tablets, without compromising speed and quality, providing a flexible, accessible, and seamless integration with CymSTAR's CymHOST application. The Backend is written in Rust and the Frontend is in React.
The team consisted of
🔸Tim Simms (Backend Rust Developer and Shared Memory Integration)
🔸Trenton Sims (Front End Developer and System Administration)
🔸Blake Stewart (Front End Developer and Project Manager)
During this project, we gained valuable experience in designing a project from scratch, working with Rust, a new programming language for all of us, and enhancing our documentation skills by maintaining a Wiki. We also tackled several challenges such as working with shared memory and managing multiple WebSocket connections.

Tools Used